“Labour is the living, form-giving fire, it is the transitoriness of things, their temporality, as their formation by living time”

Karl Marx (Grundrisse)


    The project exposes and discusses different narratives surrounding the future of work through the exhibition, a continiuous and active performative installation. It brings about an informed and reflected image on the role of work in society today and in the future. The exhibition will construct a live scenario of everyday work with the potential of spontaneous interactions between the performers and the visitors.

    The performance of work will be set up as a constructed office with the desk as the main element of the space. As an object, the desk will facilitate the relationship between the body and the act of working - allowing for different sce- narios of interaction with tools of work and work routines. The desk will be designed specifically for this performance, re-enacting activities throughout the performance of a workday.

    The act will be performed every day for the duration of the exhibition by two reWork partners. The two performers will be working on a series of case studies on the future of work – continuously laying the groundwork for the interactive part of the performance. The work calendar of the performers will be accessible to the visitors, giving the opportunity for them to engage in Monday morning breakfast, lunchtime breaks, coffee breaks, meetings, Friday bars – all centred around discussion of future work forms and influencing the work produced by the performers.

    The work produced will gradually be exhibited in the space, continuously taking over all available space on the walls. In materialising the case studies, the base for more concrete discussion gets created and opens up the possibility to rethink the material production of immaterial labour. Throughout the period of the performance, the exhibition material will help steer the conversations to become more concrete and productive in imagining new spatial dynamics of work as well as different narratives and aesthetic regimes associated with it.

The exhibition will be hosted by SixtyEight Art Institute.
June/July 2019.