reWork is a strategic design office specializing in action-led research and spatial strategies. The office strives to re-imagine the spatial and organizational logics that steer and complements emerging trends of work. The office aims to trigger a response to the structuring of spaces across multiple scales to ensure a systemic transformation of the role of work in society today and in the future.

reWork uses strategic design as a methodology starting from an understanding of the complex and interrelated systems, which shape our contemporary world of work, to synthesise inputs into action-led research - upon which we develop well-informed design strategies. We actively use a knowledge bank as an archive of information. It is employed as an instrument for working with a cross-scale understanding, enabling us to develop critical and targeted design tools to stimulate systemic change in the field of the future of work.

reWork is led by research-driven architects with experience in a diverse range of projects and design methods. We have focused over the years on research and design projects both in academia and in our professional experience.

Bruno Malusa
tel: +45 27 69 25 52
Sofie Angelie Hovgaard
tel: +45 29 70 75 11

Overgaden Oven Vandet 32A, 41-
1420 - Copenhagen

CVR nr.: 40072519

SixtyEight Art Institute
Magdalena Haslinger
Gustav Vallin
Asal Mohtashami
Danni Dromi
Pola Rebecca Koch

Erik Styrbjørn Pedersen
Dan Frisk Petersen
Marie-Louise Raue
Paul Feeney
Christopher Lunde
Christine Bjerke